The Gunslinger

Gunslinger Squeegee Invention
Interview with Richie Blue of Maykker Products

AWC- Richie why did you see the need to create the Gunslinger?

Richie- That question always gives me a chuckle!! I guess the reason I get a kick out of that question is because to me it was an obvious needed evolution for too many reasons to list.

AWC- Humor us

Richie- Aside from swinging buckets, accidental water tipping, spinning squeegees, and a limited loading capacity, the main thing that drove me nuts about plastic belt buckets was the noise. It was absolutely embarrassing for me when going into a place of business to provide a service. I felt I basically annoyed everyone in the establishment with all those wonderful sounds that come from a plastic belt bucket.
If I could pick one major thing that motivated me to create Gunslinger it was the desire for noise reduction. 

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Well Made Tool

AWC- So what was the initial design about?

Richie- First and foremost I developed the Gunslinger as a tool caddy and a water reclaim system more so than as a bucket on a belt. Though I expected window cleaners would use it as such since plastic buckets is what everyone has used for years.

AWC- Do you claim to be an inventor?

Richie- I really enjoy the prototyping phase of designing things. The best part of the process is the accidental discoveries. Sometimes I set out to address a particular issue with a tool and end up coming up with solutions for other tools. I call it unintentional brilliance…. In other words I really can’t take credit for my best designs, lol.!

AWC- Well I hope that the Gunslinger works out for you.

Richie- Thanks for your support and interest Mike. I appreciate giving Gunslinger a shout out in your magazine. Currently I’m working day and night on new Gunslinger products. Different Gunslinger designs (basically a wrench for but on the planet), new bags, mini belt poles, bottle holders, etc. So stay tuned for more Gunslinger products coming soon through Reach-it.

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