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Uncut and Unbiased Review David Carlson-Clean As A Whistle-VA

The Screen Tool has proved very valuable though we haven't had a chance to try it on pella windows yet but I'm sure it would work flawlessly. We tried it on many screens with success every time. My favorite was getting painted screens unstuck with it. Before I would have to run a knife or razor around the screen before loosening it up. Now, I just get this in one spot and run it like I did my knife. I think it is a great product and only question I had was will it break. It did not. It stood up to a person that is very tough on tools and equipment. I think the price is ideal for this tool especially because I didn't break it. I pay around the same price for 5 in 1 tools and I really don't like putting that metal around a screen. I would buy as many as I needed if I had employees. One time I was using the Skreen Out tool and slipped, only to run the tool across the nylon screen without damage. I was really surprised because I was certain I ripped the screen. I would give the product a 4.5 out of 5 for is specific purpose. Always wanted a tool that did this. Thanks Mike. Let me know if I can help with any more product research or answer any more questions.

Eric Stewart- Window Genie Killeen TX

The Skeen Tool works as advertised. Takes a little getting used to because of using the old paint can opener/scraper. It definitely eliminates the caution of cracking, chipping or bending the customers screen tracks. My technicians like it and I would recommend it to other window cleaners.

David Kaznocha- Squeegee Squad of Southeast Virginia 

I really appreciate the opportunity to work with the Skreen Out tool. It reminds me of the paint can opener on a bigger scale, the all around design  of it seems and feels  cheap. The blade that you insert into the screen channel seems  a bit weak and fragile. I had a hard time using it here on the east coast.We  have a few different types of screens (pins clips )and so on. It was not useful with those types of screens, but it did work fine with spring loaded screens style, also came in handy while rappelling cleaning windows it was helpful due to the Size of of the tool that I could clip on to the side of my boson chair which is better the old little paint can opener which is way smaller I'm going to continue to use this tool to get a better idea of it.

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