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The purpose of this article is to allow end users to voice their opinions of a product without leading questions or input from the manufacturer or AWC. The manufacturer has agreed to allow feedback about their product to be published "Uncut and UnBiased"

This edition we sent the Moerman Excelerator handle out with Liquidator Channel and the Fliq pad. We sent two to Texas, one to Illinois and another to New Jersey. Here is the feedback.

Steve Sarafin (Business Owner) Window Genie Town? NJ

My guys reported that they liked the squeegee for commercial use. Decreased toweling and detailing. Didn't see as much benefit when it came to residential cleanings. A possible improvement is to figure out a way to holster it. It doesn't fit well into current BOAB. They liked the squeegee well enough to try and get me to buy them.

Luis Gaytan (Crew Leader) Fish Window Cleaning in Fort Worth Texas-

I liked the angled rubber and the Liquidator Channel. It worked very nicely around the edges and eliminated toweling. The Fliq in my opinion doesn't hold enough water. Possibly making the mop thicker so it could hold more water would make me change my mind. The Excelerator Handle was bulky it's almost as if it does too many things. I also don't think that it will hold up to everyday wear and tear of our staff. I wouldn't be willing to spend my own money on the tool and while I think it a wonderful concept it's not quite what we would be willing to change out our current equipment for.

Gerald White (Window Cleaner) Clearly Windows Bloomington IL-

The design of the tool is practical and useful. I primarily used it for route work. It helped speed up my day as I stopped using towels while I used it. The angled channel is by far the highlight of this tool. I would try to get others to purchase this squeegee. In fact I have already.

The only improvement I would make is the Fliq part as it got caught, wouldn't flip right, and at times would get in the way when closing on the window. But overall it's a really good tool and one I recommend.

Eric Stewart (Business Owner) Window Genie Killeen TX

The Cons first. The mops flicker action isn’t smooth. It gets caught up in the center when flipping to access the squeegee. The squeegee blade comes off center and moves to left or right and the Excelerator handle is plastic. This may not allow for as long of life as other metal handles especially when dropped. Lastly, Fliq scrubber does not hold a lot of moisture causing the window to dry quicker on hot or windy days.

The Pros. The squeegee saves time and money in the time it takes to switch from mop to squeegee traditionally. It's light weight and less wear on the users forearms and hands but it does take some getting used to but once you grasp it is great. I loved the mobility of handlethat being the ease to change from 10/25/40 degree angles and left/right free motion of the handle.

Squeegee Handle

*Install a button flap in the center of the mop. This will assist in the “Fliq” action of the mop when needing to use the squeegee.

*Suggest installing the mop to “fliq” onto the top of the handle instead of the bottom. (See video)

*A more robust or thicker mop to hold more moisture

*A beefier handle able to withstand drops from some high levels

*Have the option to switch between the current thin mop for interior use and a thicker mop for exterior use


We had the opportunity to use the Fliq from ground level and rappelling. At ground level my Lead Technician loves it. Cleans windows great with the liquidator channel reducing the use for wiping. Also the Fliq being one unit saves time in rotation between mop and squeegee. Did have the issue of the mop flipping back and forth thus having to take the time to put into the position to access the squeegee. This is where a center button flap would work great. Even though the mop is thin, it does benefit on the inside thus reducing water runoff. The ability to adjust the degree of the handle is a great option; my lead tech preferred the 40 degree angle.

From a rappel standpoint, I enjoyed the single unit use. Not having my cords get tangled and not having to switch from mop and squeegee. This saves loads of money and time as opposed to the traditional mop and squeegee change over. The problem of the squeegee coming off center happened most during rappelling and not from ground level. Didn’t understand why as the clip that bites into the squeegee appears to be pretty snug. Had to take time while hanging to make adjustments. Also, had the issue of the flicking problem. That center button would be a great addition to get that motion to go smoothly. Accessing corners and getting to the edges was a problem because the mop would get in the way and leave moisture. To eliminate this we reconnected the mop so that it flips on top rather than below the squeegee (see video).

If these recommendations are taken into consideration and retested I think Moerman will have a winner and I would make this my primary piece of equipment and outfit all my technicians with it. I feel the high rise cleaners will also love this new item and add to their repertoire.

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