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This month’s Tools of the Trade was submitted by an AWC Magazine subscriber and I thought it valuable enough to show to our readers even though usually we have product reviewed by three or four cleaners.

We at AWC reviewed the tool and it does perform much like Greg describes. It will fit any window cleaning pole that has an acme thread. We have videos posted on our website and the tool can be purchased at many of the window cleaning distributors that advertise with us.

Where to find Gutter Tools?

Greg Mazzie a Window Genie Franchise owner in Ann Harbor Michigan explains why he brought this tool to us at AWC.

Here is our interview with him.
AWC- You first turned AWC on to this new gutter tool. Why did you like it so much?

Greg- It is a simple, inexpensive piece of equipment that does exactly what it was designed for. Unlike some other gutter cleaning devices, it takes up minimal space and can be kept in your work vehicle for those add-on jobs when you are at a customer's home. It does not need any special attachments, water, electricity etc. to work. Just a pole with a threaded top, which I assume most window cleaners have. And because of the hooked end which pulls debris under the hangers, we can reach and clean 15-20 ft (or more) of gutter in each direction without moving the ladder. Also, with the hooked end we have reached over skylights and can get the debris that always seems to collect along the top edge.

AWC- What features did it have that other tools didn’t?

Greg- There were several features the Gutter Tool had that other ones did not. The Gutter Tool has a hooked end which allows you to pull debris under the hangers. I have not seen this on any other gutter cleaning tool. Almost zero learning curve. After one or two pulls, you know how it works unlike the gutter vacuums, hi-pressure sprayers, etc..
- Screws onto almost any extension pole.
- Durable (so far)
- It doesn't bend or twist when pulling the debris.
- The blade does not leave much of debris along the edges.

Tools Blades (review)
AWC- How did you hear about the tool?

Greg- I first saw the Gutter Tool on a Facebook post in one of the window cleaning groups. They had a link to a video demonstration for it. When I watched the video and saw the price of less than $20, I thought I would give it a try. I am always looking for better and more efficient ways to do jobs. And I know I've spent much more money on things that didn't work or work as well!

AWC- Would you recommend the tool to others?

Greg- I would definitely recommend the Gutter Tool to others

AWC- Has it improved your efficiency while cleaning gutters?

Greg- On several jobs, it has reduced the time by almost half of what took us in the past. But we have found that It not only reduces our job time in most cases, but also increases the safety factor. You are probably still going to be on a ladder, but it reduces the number of ladder moves that you make.

AWC- How would you rate the tool as compared to other tools on the market?

Greg- Best $15 I have spent for gutter cleaning. I would take this over the gutter vacuums, the scoops, ho or high pressure water wands.

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