Ettore Ledgeez

Tools of the Trade - Ettore Squeegee
By Michael Draper Ettore Squeegee

The Ledgeez handle is a very versatile. It has the quick attach that allows for easy changing of various sized channels however it’s the elongated throat area of the handle that makes it benefits manifest both on the ground and while using on a pole.

On the Ground

While performing window cleaning in a residential or commercial setting the closeout might be create the need for the most finesse. It takes the right roll of the wrist and things like the frame of the window can hinder the hand movement. Because of the throat design of the Ledgeez handle it places the hand in front of the frame while closing out. This keeps the fingers and the knuckles from hindering the close out and from getting banged up in the process. Translation a smooth close out allows for less toweling which increases the speed which glass can be cleaned.

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On a Pole

Transom windows is a place that the handle really shines. If you have performed pole-work you realize that in order to close the last inch off with a traditional squeegee handle it requires the cleaner to raise the pole above his shoulders while keeping just the right amount of pressure on the glass so that you leave no access water at the bottom of the window. Again, the throat design of the handle allows enough distance so that while on a pole the user simply pulls straight down and doesn’t have to raise the pole in order to close out the window.

This picture below well demonstrates the work of someone not knowing how to close out at the bottom of the window. This could very easily be remedied just by using the Ledgeez Handle.

Pole Work with the Ettore Ledgeez
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