WFP Link: Control at Your Fingertips

Smartphone Controlled Pump

More and more of us use mobile phones and apps every day. They provide great flexibility in the management and control of not only our social and business activities, but, increasingly, also the other technology around us, ie our security systems, our sound systems, our heating appliances, even our refrigerators and ovens.

Spring (Europe) Ltd has taken this concept and created an innovative product for the WFP window cleaning industry.

We have been at the forefront of both pump controller and radio remote use in the WFP window cleaning industry for many years now. In fact we were one of the first to add a radio remote to a pump controller. The current Spring remote allows you to turn the pump on or off and the flow up and down, but it does not work quite as well when something gets in the way, such as a large building, as the pump controller has to be within sight of the operator.

To solve this problem and a few others, Spring has produced the WFP Link. This remote uses new radio technology to overcome large obstacles, so no more walking back around the building to your vehicle in order to control your pump. LEDs on the fob provide confirmation that your command has reached the controller.

Smartphone App

However, this is not the only innovation. Whilst the fob can be used on its own, WFP Link also allows you to access all your pump controller's features via an app on your mobile phone. Furthermore, using this app, each button on the new four button fob is programmable according to your own particular needs, whether these are to increase or decrease flow, select a different flow, select a different calibration, pause the pump, activate a rinse boost or carry out an auto calibration.

The mobile phone app vastly increases not only the extent to which you can customise your fob but also the extent to which you can monitor your system remotely. For example, via the app you can check the voltage of your leisure battery, adjust your flow rate precisely, carry out an auto calibration, or manually calibrate and store these settings. You can also create different settings for different poles and quickly switch between them.

The app also overcomes the restrictions of using a 7-segment display on the pump controller to display messages. Instead of abbreviations, the app displays a full description, ie PS becomes “pressure switch”, DE becomes “dead end”; so no more puzzling over function or error messages.

So there we have it, WFP Link: a fully configurable piece of kit that takes the control of your system, be it truck, van, trailer or trolley based, to a new level.

New Innovation WFP Link will also be available at IWCA In February.
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Scott Ehrenkranz
My grandfather Henry Ehrenkranz, started the business in Houston, in 1947. He found a small window cleaning business that was for sale called University Window Cleaners. At the time he was working for his family window cleaning business, International Services based in Newark, New Jersey.