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Written by Michael Draper JHA Safety App and OSHA Standards

An essential aspect of any safety program is to identify potential hazards that an employee may encounter before the employee begins work. This falls very much in line with OSHA’s line of thinking with concerns a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or sometimes referred to as a Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The whole premise behind these documents is to identify job tasks that have potential hazards associated with them and then inform the employees how they will eliminate or mitigate the potential hazards.

Hazards Mitigation

One of the issues that an employer has in completing the JHA is that he must be well enough versed in the OSHA standards that govern his or her work to be able to not only identify hazards but also be able to determine how to eliminate the hazard and be OSHA compliant.

The JHA Safety App helps provide employers with easily identifiable hazards on a jobsite and then auto-populates a PDF JHA form for you taking into account all the OSHA standards that apply.

Here’s how it works-

In the App you first write in the job information data and then you tell the app if the job is a Residential or Commercial project. Once completed you will be asked by way of swiping or tapping if certain hazards will present themselves on the jobsite. There is a question mark by each hazard that will explain further the question being asked. If the hazard exists you swipe or tap the icon and that will automatically transfer to the JHA document. There is also a line under each hazard that allows you to add additional information. For example, let’s say you swiped the electrical hazard icon under the icon you could manually write "west side of building" to help the employee easily identify where the hazard is located. There is also an extra place that will allow for any unique hazards that the app didn’t have loaded.

You keep going until there are no more icons to tap and once completed the app compiles all the information you gave it and places it into a JHA form. This from can then be text or emailed to the office or potentially the employees in the field. It can also be uploaded into a CRM program so that each time your account repeats the JHA for the project is already done for you, barring any changes that may occur on the jobsite.

Job Hazards Analysis

I am sure your wondering how expensive such an app is. Well the app is free of charge to download from either app store via Apple or Android. The app works on a credit system and you can pay per credit or you can sign up for unlimited use each month for $19.95.

The app was built to help window cleaners and others to be compliant when it comes to OSHA Standards. OSHA has a saying and maybe you have even seen some of their graphics explaining such- Plan, Provide Train. A JHA helps an employer do all of these things at once. First it helps you plan the work as you know what hazards exist on the jobsite. Second, once you know the hazards you are better equipped to PROVIDE the equipment that will be needed in order to deal with the hazards at hand. Finally, a properly filled out JHA helps you identify what training will be needed in order for the employee to be able to properly use the equipment he is given.

Whether you decide to use an app or fill one out by hand a JHA is an absolute necessary tool when it comes to OSHA Compliance.

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