Doing Windows

Focus on Client Satisfaction

My name is Hendricus Morren and not long ago I started work as a self-employed window cleaner in and around Gorebridge, a small coal miner’s village in Scotland. After working a few weeks along with an experienced window cleaner I started to setup my own business cleaning windows and gutters. I soon got a nice customer base and in the first few months I was keeping details using Excel on the computer, but it wasn’t long before it became a chore. I had to copy and paste, print lists, and make notes as I was out doing the work, and then update the spreadsheet on the computer when I got back home.

What Would Help?

Having a background in software development I thought about ways to make record keeping easier and less time consuming. I contemplated the right application that being a desktop application for the computer or have something web based as both options had their drawbacks. The solution I was looking for needed to be with me all the time on my phone or tablet itself so I can work with it on-the-go and I can focus on the work itself – cleaning windows. For the app to be effective it would need to be something simple and quick. It should also be precise and easy to understand. That is why I created an app and call it Doing Windows.

“Doing Windows ” Features
Lists are accessible and updates easily
Can share info with employees
Easy to check off jobs when complete
Payments appear in a separate list and are easily updated
Works for many service companies

Creating Professionalism

I like to have my iPad with me when doing sales and while collecting payment. When I agree a price for a new job and add in the details of a new customer using Doing Windows it looks cool and it leaves a good first impression. It adds to a professional appearance and most likely the customer will have confidence in my service.


After testing Doing Windows for a while myself, I published it on the iTunes App Store and I am working on an Android Application. I want other window cleaners to benefit from it, and I have received constructive feedback. Doing Windows is for window cleaners like myself and small companies. I am continuing to add features to the software in future updates and many of those suggestions I have received from other window cleaners.

Keep it Fun

What I like about the window cleaning business is the feeling of freedom. You can be out and about for many hours a day and I find it a real joy to be outside, even when the weather is not so great here in Scotland. I like to keep delivering good quality service and have happy customers. Having a reliable app that makes it simple and straight forward to keep the records up to date on-the-go allows me to focus on satisfying work: Doing Windows.

Efficiency Improving App
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