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Window Cleaner Estimate App

Many window cleaners like to estimate jobs by window count. There is more to accurate estimates than counting windows. The time to clean different window types needs consideration. Factors like access and condition need consideration, to get an accurate estimate.

I don’t know about you but I got tired of my clipboard and a pricing sheet. You know how it is when you are bidding a job and the customer is showing you around the property. It is easy to forget if you counted a window, and did you take into account all factors to get an accurate estimate.

I thought there is got to be an app for that? I tried a few things but nothing worked that great for me. So I thought I could make my own app. I soon discovered that it was not going to be as easy as I thought.

I thought I could make a web app but what if there was no internet access? From feedback from other window cleaners, I came to the conclusion that a native app would be best. Now the hard part creating and publishing an app for iPhone and Android. I must admit it took me quite a while to learn and had many challenges along the way.

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Custom Estimate App

The way the Window Counter App works is you tap the plus button to open the form to create a new counter. You give your counter a name and set your own price, then select an image. And tap the Save Counter button.

You can select images of window types, screens, tracks, ladder work or paint scraping. If no image picked the default image is used.

To see and use your counters tap the back button. When you tap the plus and minus buttons on your counters you will notice a different sound played. The reason for this is so you know that it added or subtracted. To delete the counter swipe right or left and tap delete.

I meant what I said about an app for window cleaners by window cleaners. So I very much welcome all feedback and feature requests.

Window Counter is on the second version now. I must admit the first version had some bugs and needed some improvements. In a world where there are so many free apps its easy to lose touch of what goes into making a native mobile app.

I am working on a pro app with a lot more features. Please reach out to me with your ideas and I will take your ideas into consideration.

I like helping people. If you have any questions about web and mobile issues please hit me up. I will do my best to help you. I am also available for hire for web and mobile development. You can email me at

To download Window Counter App go to
Thanks for trying Window Counter.
Mike Haslam

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