Huge in Review

In 2019, the Huge Convention put on its 7th annual event and it reached a whole new level of success. Here is the official review of the 2019 Huge Convention!

Huge Convention in Branson, MO

The Location:

This year the Huge Convention moved to the Branson Convention Center in Branson, MO. It was held on August 8th and 8th, 2019 with early bird check-in, networking and other co-located events taking place the day before on August 7th.

There were two airports providing flights in and out of the area: the Branson Airport and the Springfield-Branson National Airport. Branson’s central location in the heart of the Midwest made it a great drive for many Huge Convention attendees, in fact, Branson is only a day’s drive for one-third of Americans.

Branson was also home to many attractions and activities for the whole family. Branson was filled with attractions, shopping, live shows, outdoor activities and a lot of restaurants and dining locations.

The Event:

This year marked the 7th annual Huge Convention. We had more than 1000 attendees in attendance. Year after year, this continues to be the premier business event for window cleaners and pressure washers and it’s all thanks to you! Attendees come for different reasons. Many attendees love the huge tradeshow and seeing their favorite vendors or getting deals on new equipment. Others come for the classes and speakers. We have the best and brightest speak at this annual event, there is no fluff. A large number of people also come for the networking and general comradery. Imagine being in a room filled with business owners like yourself that know the successes and struggles of owning a business. Whether you are struggling with employees, sales, implementing systems – there is bound to be people at the show who have had the same problem or maybe even solved it. It’s a powerful thing to be in a room of like-minded people.

Even before the event started we had a spectacular number of co-located events that happened on August 7th, 2019, one day before the Huge Convention. These were not included in the price of admission but were very much encouraged if you want to get the most out of your experience. This year featured the following Co-Located Events:

  • PWNA Commercial Cleaning
  • Power Wash University Truck Cleaning
  • Power Wash University Wood Restoration
  • CLIPA Conference
  • Water Fed Pole Demos
  • Garage Cleaning Class
  • Safety Certification Class
  • Spray Wash Pro Plant and Property Protection
Crowd of attendees at the Huge Convention

The Attendees:

With every event, attendees came from all over the world to be at the industry’s best event! This year we welcomed OVER 1000 convention attendees in Branson, MO, the biggest turn out yet! The convention continues to attract professional attendees – people that are business owners that truly care about growing and building the best business possible. We strive to give attendees the tools to shave years and untold dollars off your learning curve by learning how to run an efficient, profitable business. We give you the tools and it’s your job to go home and implement what you learned!

The Speakers:

Crowd of attendees at the Huge Convention

We had three speakers this year in addition to the classes presented for attendees.

Brandon Vaughn hosted the first CONQUER:Live, the world’s largest mastermind session for the service industry. Over 20 mentors and coaches, all who own 7-8 figure service companies, walked around the room and sat down at attendee tables and helped attendees solve their biggest business challenges.

The 2019 Keynote Address was given by Kedma Ough. Kedma Ough, MBA took attendees through the journey of discovering your current business screenplay and 4 specific ways to change the scenes if you decide to pivot into a different masterpiece!

Finally, Ramon Burke gave you proven strategies to stop thinking, quit wishing, and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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The Classes:

This year’s class schedule was AMAZING!

Classes at the Huge Convention
  • Ramon Burke – “Everything Works, NOTHING Doesn’t”
  • Kedma Ough – KEYNOTE – “What Business Movie Are You Starring In?
  • Brandon Vaughn – “The World’s Largest Mastermind Session for the Service Industry”
  • Tim Croll- “Increase Your Sales Through Emotional Connections”
  • Doug Gore- “Selling with Packages”
  • Bobby Walker – “The New Business Owners Toolbox (On a Budget)”
  • Michael Grigery – “5 Conversion Tips to Compete With Any Brand in Any Market”
  • Josh & Ashlee Latimer – “Growing A Large Automated Business While Still Crushing It At Home”
  • Cody Middleton – “The Digital Door Knocker – How to grow your business with little money and no time”
  • Kevin Hargis – “Managing Your Owner/Operator Small Business”
  • David Carroll – “Put Your Prospecting On Steroids: The Science of Multi-Touch Marketing for your Home Service Business”
  • Sid Graef – “The 80/20 Service Business: 3 Simple Keys to Work Less and Make More”
  • Curt Kempton – “Proven Strategies and Tactics to Close More Jobs at Higher Prices”
  • Nathan Redelfs – “The Big Picture”
  • AC Lockyer – “You Have a “You” Disorder”
  • Martha Woodward – “Build a Self-Motivated Workforce”
  • Meaghan Likes – “Expense Saving Hacks – Save Thousands of Dollars in Less than One Hour”
  • Joshua Trees – “Scaling Your Business and Building Equity”
  • Ben Kreaden – “Be a Five Star Business”
  • Dan Platta – “Stay Fully Staffed – Stop Chasing Bad Applicants and Hiring Bad Employees”
  • Ramon Burke – “The $100,000 Trap – Know Your Numbers!”

The Tradeshow:

This year’s Tradeshow was amazing!. As usual, the greatest vendors of the industry were packed in one room. Attendees were free to walk the tradeshow floor, shop, learn about products or talk with their favorite vendors. There were plenty of demos, giveaways and FUN! Each year the tradeshow features a mix of window cleaning and pressure washing suppliers as well as software providers and other companies related to the cleaning industry. This year’s tradeshow had 50+ vendors.

Crowd of attendees at the Huge Convention

There were tons of unique software companies such as Broadly, WorkWave Service, Jobber, Jills Office, Quality Driven Software, ResponsiBid, NiceJob, Spot On Solutions, Mr. Pipeline Service Monster, and more!

This year also featured some of your favorite supplies such as Window Cleaning Resource, Valley Industries, Winsol Laboratories, RHG Products, Steel Eagle, Moerman, J Racenstein, CWC Supply, SoftWash Systems, Unger, SealnLock, Aztec Innovation, WashMart,, PressureTek, IPC Eagle, Southern Stain & Steel, AmeriPolish, GlassRenu, Alkota and more.

Other favorites included Safety Green, Sign2Day, Joseph D Walters Insurance, Window Cleaner Magazine, UpEngine, eClean Magazine, Cleaner Times,  Deck Restoration Plus, the IWCA, the PWNA, At Cost Printing, All Access Equipment, Paychex, Agent Clean Solutions, CLIPA, We Hang Christmas Lights, DOPE Marketing, LcLuP, Greener, Cyclone Technology and more!

The American Window Cleaner Magazine at the trade show

Next year’s show:

The 2020 Huge Convention is already underway! It will be held August 27th and 28th, 2020 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta is a fantastic location whether you are planning on driving or flying in. If you are planning on flying the Atlanta (ATL) Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will be the airport to fly into.

Crowd of attendees at the Huge Convention

As for the hotel, the Atlanta Marriott is a 53 story building – one of its impressive features is its large atrium. The atrium spans the entire height of the building and has two vertical chambers divided by elevator shafts and bridges.

The venue is located right in the heart of downtown Atlanta, so there is so much to do. Enjoy dozens of shops and boutiques, restaurants, and fun for the whole family. Many attendees make a vacation out of it! A lot of the city’s best sights and spots are within walking distance of this year’s hotel or a short MARTA ride away.

As usual, the biggest industry show will sell out (much like this year) so we HIGHLY suggest getting tickets ahead of time and booking your hotel room as soon as possible. Right now we have SUPER Early Bird Tickets on sale for the 2020 event. Register now so you don’t have to pay more or worry about it later. You can register here. We hope to see you there!

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