2019 IWCA Convention Highlight

2019 Fellowship Award Winner- Kenny Kohn (Kevco Building Services)

The IWCA Fellowship Award was created in the memory of IWCA founding member Maury Benamy. Maury was an outgoing, very approachable person, who made friends with everyone in our industry. He was a founding board member that brought people together since the onset of the IWCA. He was happy to share his knowledge of his 30 plus years of window cleaning experience with anyone.

In giving this award the IWCA honors an individual like Maury, who has a selfless approach to sharing knowledge, time and resources with our industry and association. This award is for someone unselfish, who advocates for and encourages the success of our industry without expectation of personal gain.

The IWCA Fellowship Award Nominee should be someone that has proven themselves willing to help others unreservedly, with character and kindness.

Congratulations Kenny

Also this year the Ettore Award was presented by last years recipient Paul Collum to this years winner Scott Ehrankrantz. Scott’s determination and drive this past year to accomplish the goals of the association with regards to social media presence among other things was noticed by his peers. This award is presented to an individual that goes above and beyond for the association and this year Scott certainly did putting in laborious time and hours trying to make the IWCA better.

Congratulations Scott

2019 IWCA Speed Competition

Each year several compete to see who will be the fastest. The competition is simple its to mop and squeegee three consecutive windows, wiping the bottom frame and with as few errors (water left on glass) as you can. This years winners

  • 1st Place Jeremiah Hickey
  • 2nd Place Butch Chapman
  • 3rd Place Clayton Wise

2019 IWCA Medley Competition

This contest is all about leaving behind perfect glass in the least amount of time. Errors cost considerably so it’s more about perfection than time.

This year winners
  • 1st Place- Paul West
  • 2nd Place- Jeremiah
  • 3rd Place- Diane Wuest
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