Stack Ladders

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Stack Ladders

OSHA Regulations for Stacks

Besides the squeegee there may not be any tool more synonymous with window cleaning than Stack Ladders. They have long been a part of the window cleaning industry dues to ease of set up and the size of the ladders when apart. However, there are some serious safety concerns with stack ladders that have to be adhered to besides the normal concerns of ladders like ladder angle, unstable base and unstable top.

Height Restrictions-

The manufactures of stack ladders have placed a height restriction on stack ladders. This restriction can be found on the sticker on the side of any piece of stack and it is 21’ on Metallic Ladders. What that means is 6ft sections can be placed a maximum of 4 sections high as each section overlaps one foot. What if you own older Metallic or Alcoa ladders that were made prior to the newer models? There was always a height restriction. Some older models may have a sticker stating 28’ or even higher. If the sticker on the ladder is still legible it would be OK to use, however if the stickers are no longer legible it would be best to default to the current standard being utilized.

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Use of stack ladders


Each stack ladder is equipped with pins that hold each section of the ladder together at the overlap. The manufacture has provided these and has mandated in the instructions that they be utilized. These pins are sometimes overlooked as a safety feature of the ladder.

All and all stacks are a great tool and one that is no doubt going to continue as a mainstay in the window cleaning industry. Be sure to use all safety guidelines laid out by the manufacturer.

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