IWCA is Safety

We were at the IWCA Safety Convention in San Diego

The 2019 IWCA Convention certainly had a safety flair. IWCA Safety Director Stefan Bright talked safety in the opening comments and gave his perspective on the state of the industry. However, it didn’t stop there. The whole week was filled with safety classes tailored to everyone. Residential Fall Protection was taught with emphasis on ladders, water fed poles and roof top safety. Another class called Super Safety was presented that explained the OSHA 1910 standard and how it affects employers. Yet another class was presented on Light Commercial Safety where everything from Chemical Safety, Electrical Hazards, and Fall Protection were covered. Sunbelt Rentals offered their aerial lift safety course and SAIA taught a full day for competent person training on suspended scaffolding. An OSHA 10 class was presented as well and then to bring everything to a close the IWCA presented its safety certification class to close out the 2019 IWCA Convention.

Safety was huge at this years 30th Anniversary IWCA Convention. However, safety classes are great and they create a great deal of awareness but safety is a mindset and it must not be a thought that is had one time a year. No it must carry on through out the year, it’s has to transcend from the convention to the cultures of each and every work force. Never before has there been more tools available to do so, to implement safety. IWCA has rolled out Campus IWCA, Weekly Toolbox Talks arrive in members email boxes each and every Tuesday and the IWCA Certification programs. The OSHA Alliance that the IWCA embraces is strong and lends several opportunities to work together and promote safety throughout the year. A new alliance is being formed with the American Ladder Institute where further initiatives will be developed and promoted so there is constant awareness around arguably the most dangerous tool used in the industry.

The IWCA has always been at the forefront with regards Safety actually the very formation of the IWCA was brought about by safety regulations. This year marked 30 years of effort. It was a pleasure to be a part of and to see that the very core of the association is still running strong after all these years. Well done IWCA, Well Done!

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