The Value of Networking Events

Written by Joe Hardee Joe Hardee keeping up with the Competition

In the mobile cleaning industry there are many network events. While they range in size from a couple of people to humungous having hundreds of people in attendance it can be a challenge to figure out the value in attending these events. On top of that you have to take into consideration things like price point, distance to event, and time frame. Now you add the fact that other contractors are going to say this event or that event is better. It can be a mind boggling experience.

One thing that stands out to me about attending any event is the networking. To me the networking is a major reason to attend an event. I personally have made many of friends and contacts through attending events. You also find that people you normally might not talk to due to fame or cliques are actually normal people and are more than willing to talk shop with you. You also get to be in a room filled with people that understand the struggles you are going through in your daily life’s. It can be difficult to discuss business hurdles with your neighbor who works a 9 to 5 job, while he or she might be sympathetic to your plight sometimes it is hard for them to relate.

The next major reason to attend an event would be the knowledge. Most events are going to be geared towards educating the contractor. The education you get at these events can range from systems to how to classes. You also get to ask questions from teachers and professionals at these events it is hard to ask a YouTube video to explain in more detail a process or a system.

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We also have to take into consideration the vendors, most not all events are going to be sponsored by vendors. These are the people that are going to be supplying you with equipment and supplies. To have the chance to meet these people and develop one on one relationships can bring a value to your business that is immeasurable. It is also a chance to learn about new products that are on the market that could benefit your business. Oh and while we are at it lets talk about saving money most vendors will give event discounts and I know I like to save money when possible.

Now the last thing we will discuss is the relaxation and reset of the brain. An event can give you a chance to unwind and many contractors consider events as mini vacations. To get a few days away from your company can be exactly what we need as business owners. You will come back to your business refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Okay now that we have given you some reasons to attend an event what are you waiting for. Start looking for events that interest you and get registered today.

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Mechano-Chemical Scratching by Asperities
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