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The power of mentorship can be great when properly applied to the growth of a business or company. In this day and age you can find plenty of people willing to mentor. The problem is finding the right mentor for your needs that can help you grow. Not all mentors are going to be equal so how do you find what you need.

First you need to understand what your needs are. If you are looking to grow your knowledge of how to accomplish a certain type of job then you might not need a mentor that specializes in marketing. If you need someone to be available to talk to on a daily basis then a fellow contractor that is extremely busy might not fit your situation.

A lot of times finding a mentor is as easy as reaching out to someone and asking them questions. Yes some mentors do charge while others do it as a way to give back to the community. It is up to you to decide if the info is valuable enough for you to invest in it.

A good mentor can save you and your business from making mistakes by sharing the knowledge they have already learned. They can also be someone that is willing to listen when things are going bad and you need somewhere to vent. A good mentor will be there to celebrate the accomplishments and also there to help you through the failures.

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When looking for a mentor be sure you are finding someone that offers what you need at a cost you can afford. Find someone you respect and has the time to put into the mentorship. I also recommend verifying that they have the success you are looking for in the areas they are helping you.

Unfortunately, there are many of fakes or wannabes out there. (I refer to these as pay to be your friend mentors.) So be sure to do your research on whom you follow.

Another thought is become a mentor to someone that needs help. By helping each other we can all grow. I learn as much off the people I mentor as they do off of me sometimes even more.

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