Selling with Packages

Are you selling with packages? If you’re not you should. It’s absolutely the best way that you can sell your services to your customer. When you sell with packages you’re giving them three options to choose from. If not you’re asking ‘take it or leave it’ with just the one package.

It’s easy to start selling with packages. The big thing you want to remember is that you need a bare-bones package, a mid-grade package (that you want most people to buy), and a very expensive all-inclusive package. What this structure does is first give your customers three options to choose from. Most people want to get three bids before they decide on one right? Second, it gives them all the options they need to know, everything you offer what what it would cost. A lot of times you’ll have somebody who requests just an exterior cleaning, but once they see the packages they go with more. About one and 10 will take the ultimate package that you offer, but one of 10 isn’t bad. That one person will buy more in that one package then they would’ve ever thought to add on themselves.

The second package is your bread and butter. This is an awesome package because it’s a little more expensive than they may have wanted but it offers quite a bit. Think interior and exterior window cleaning and the house washing. They may have only come to you for one of those services but pairing them together shows them that they can get A lot more for a little more money.

Most people won’t choose the lowest package because they feel like they aren’t getting enough, but for the 1 to 2 people who will, they now know your pricing for everything else. A lot of people will choose the middle package just so they don’t have to get the bare bones.

With packages you will close more than you ever did with the “take it or leave it” single option pricing. I mean how many times have you heard OK I have to get quotes from someone else? Or maybe the phrase I’m just waiting on quotes from some other companies. With three package set up, you aren’t giving them a yes or no, Or a take it or leave it. You’re letting them choose the package they want. You aren’t asking them to choose yes or no.

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If you look at McDonald’s one of the best things that they ever did for business was starting to ask would you like fries with that. That little phrase added huge numbers to their overall sales. Just asking someone if they want a little more than they thought they wanted opens their mind to the idea of it. And people will buy it.

This also works with other purchases. Think of a new car sales. Every car company on every platform has multiple models that you can choose from. Most people do not go with the lowest package. The one with no automatic locks, and no power windows. You may want powered windows and automatic locks, but with the package that includes them also includes other perks. It almost makes you buy more. Maybe now you’re getting navigation. Or maybe a tow package. Sometimes you get things that are really nice to have, but not something you would’ve thought of on your own. They helped you decide that, and the total volume of sales goes up because of it.

You will always be able to have services individually. If someone says to you I don’t want one of those packages, all I want are these few specific things, then make it happen. You may have just created another package.

Make sure to keep your packages to only three of them. The rule of three existing business and this will fall under that. It sounds and feels better when there are three options. Don’t ask me why it’s just a good rule.

Remember, it is so much easier faster and cheaper to get one of your existing customers to spend more with you. To get one of your customers to spend more money with you cost to zero dollars in new customer acquisition costs. It’s free. All you have to do is change your structure.

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