Running Business in a New World

The debate has started in our industry on whether or not you are essential. And if you choose to stay home, or choose to go out and clean, there’s quite a bit that’s changed over the past few weeks. Regardless of the debate of if you’re essential or not here are some things to think about during this crazy economy.

The reason that COVID-19 is as bad as it is it’s not the fact that there are more deaths than, say, the regular flu. In fact it’s quite the opposite. The reason less people are not buying and the economy is tanking is uncertainty. As everyone knows the only way to sell some thing is to have your prospect be comfortable with what they are buying. Comfortable with you, the process. They need to be 100% comfortable with all of it. Because if they’re aren’t they’re not going to make a buying decision. They lock down and don’t buy anything. Most people don’t know when all of this hype is going to pass. They don’t know when they’ll be back to work. They don’t know if they will be back to work. So, it’s harder to sell them on your services, but not impossible.

The new era were living in is all gloves, masks, and quarantines. People want to know that if you still wash their house, clean their windows, or their gutters, you won’t be potentially infecting them with this flu. Making it known that you were a ‘no contact company’ is huge. It tells them that you’re not going to come in contact with them. It tells him that you’re taking this serious too. Even if you don’t think do you need to be wearing a mask or booties, they may. And we want to do everything in our power to make them comfortable. Remember people who are comfortable will buy.

In today’s day and age where everybody buys from Amazon or shops on eBay it’s super easy to go ‘no contact.’ We do the bookings over the phone. We text them when we arrive on site. We send them a link to pay by credit card for the service when we’re done. Not only is this putting people in a comfortable mindset, they are also already use to doing this kind of transaction. It’s an extremely easy transition.

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There’s another aspect of your customer being comfortable. It’s what your presence at their house was telling their neighbors. Most people don’t talk about this, but if somebody thinks that their neighbors will be disappointed in them for having contractors at their house because they’re not doing their part to help quarantine, that will also change their decisions. If you show up with the proper PPE, it shows the them and anybody who drives by that you and the homeowner are taking this Serious. In fact you’re not the problem, you’re the solution. You’re cleaning their house or their windows. You have to take all of this into account when you’re looking to bid and book jobs in the current state.

The one part of this that is in the grey space is using words like kills corona, or disinfect your house. You’re stepping on a slippery slope. Most of us are not certified in disinfecting and a claim like that can certainly get you caught up in legal issues. But you can explain that you’re cleaning the windows and siding. Making general statements will keep you from finding yourself with fines.

What I don’t think is a great use of resources right now is to do any paid advertising. I know, we’re all slow, but your ROI is going to be awful if 75% of your customer base has locked down spending. What you can focus on is free advertising. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. These are all awesome, free platforms, that you can keep your company relevant. Putting out content that isn’t involving doom and gloom. Keeping people in good spirits. Maybe posting funny pictures or Memes. Keeping people engaged is going to still help your company regardless if anybody’s buying right now or not. I also don’t think now is the time for coupons or discounts. That won’t help anybody pull the trigger.

I’m almost certain that when we get the all clear on this our economy will bounce back to better than it was before. People will want to help the small business. They will want to get everybody back working. And they will want the economy to be amazing again. All you need to do is ride the waves until it happens. Stay strong, and stay safe.

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