No One Cares About You

This is a hard truth to except, but the reality is that your business either survives or dies because of what you do. And no one else can care as much about it as you.

Do you remember? I know I do. Planning to start your business, telling your friends and family all about it and having them say “that’s great but what’s your back up plan?” Maybe when you told people they laughed. See the thing is, most people who are entrepreneurs don’t understand what it’s like to take the risk. Most people are so comfortable in what they’re doing that it’s all that they can see. But not you. If you close your doors, then, it’s assumed that you’ll find another job. The risk to everybody else isn’t that you will lose money, or that your dream will die. People usually like the safety that a 9-to-5 job brings. A paycheck every two weeks regardless of how the company is doing. Security. But entrepreneurs are a different breed.

OK, enough with the reminiscing. How can this help us in business? Well as soon as you realize this fact, you’ll understand that you are in charge of your future. Knowing that you are solely in charge of your success is huge. As it stands now, would you hire more of you? Or would you fire yourself? It’s a tough question to be realistic about, but it’s huge. If you say that you’d fire yourself, then it’s time to up your game.

I know that about six years ago I was in a spot where nothing in my Business interested me. I was sitting in my office watching YouTube videos about who knows what. The day came to an end, my guys came in to give me the days paperwork. One of my tech said, you’re just where we left you this morning. Just slacking off on your computer. My operations officer said, who cares? He’s the boss he can do whatever he wants all day. And that’s when It really sunk in. No one else cares what I do all day. It doesn’t matter as long as they have work to do. That’s all they care about. They don’t care about the companies grows. They don’t care if we become the largest company in town. They don’t care if we bring on more cruise next year. I am the only one who cares about the company on this level. And that’s when I knew, I would’ve fired anybody else who slacked off all day like I had.

Every now and then you get a realization that blows your mind. Something that changes your world. This is one of those. Once you’re able to only hold yourself accountable for growth or failure, then you can change your focus and determination in your company. In business it’s so easy to become complacent sometimes even become bored with what we have to do. We’ve been there. Done that. We’ve made the big checks, and we’ve landed the new jobs. It all seems to be the same. We get complacent with our companies and let them just cruise. You can’t grow in cruise control. You can’t strengthen accounts in cruise control. And next year at this time, you’ll look back and know that you’ll never get the time back. And it’ll be lost. YouTube and Facebook will have gotten more of your attention than your company.

The season is coming to an end, and we have to make the money when we can for when we don’t have it. Now is the time to push harder than you have all year. Make something amazing happen and that will only start an avalanche of awesomeness. Knowing that you’re in control of your success, really understanding that, is the biggest deterrent of excuses that you have. There’s a big difference between activity and productivity. We love our companies. We love being an entrepreneur. For all the stresses and headaches we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love this life! Now’s your chance to be even better than you were yesterday. Your future self will be proud of you! Now go out there and be epic.

WCR Nation Podcast - Hosted by Jersey Josh
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