Bouncing Back

So 2020 has not been a great start for most of us. There has been more uncertainty and confusion than any other time that I can remember. But the good thing about this whole situation, and everything that’s going on now is that it’s just temporary. Unlike the crash in 2008, a flash in the pan. The big question through all of this is when will it be back to normal? But a bigger part of all of this is how do we prepare for when it does get back to normal?

Bouncing back is going to be our second spring. It’s going to be just as busy if not more than a normal spring would be. So there’s a few things that we need to plan for that maybe we wouldn’t plan for in a normal spring. What we’re seeing is that everyone who would normally have services done is wanting them done, but all at the same time. Which causes us to be a little overwhelmed. And although we’re just happy being able to have work again we have to do the smart. Here’s a few things we should focus on as we bounce back...

Don’t jump on the bandwagon. I know it’s tempting to see where the market brings us and then offering services we feel will sell best, but I really think that getting into something like disinfecting, or fogging, is a bad idea. By the time we get certified, new equipment, and the chemicals we need the majority of this “flash in the pan” situation will be passed. Not only is that going to be a flooded market with everybody trying to also jump on, they just won’t be the need for it in a couple months.

Keep tight until you’re busy. If you are still slow, you need to conserve your finances. If you know me at all, you know that I am a big fan of having new equipment and reinvesting in yourself. But now is just not the time. Save what you can until you become busy again. Having financial confidence will help with the mental side of all of this.

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Learn from the collapse. If there’s one thing that will come out of all of this is all of us small business owners are going to find out where the inefficiencies lie in our businesses. This is something that we’ve never planned for, something we could never think to plan for. But we all went through it. If some of us thought our cash reserves were high enough maybe we were reminded they aren’t. If we thought we were diversified in what type of work we do, maybe we found out we weren’t. Any thing that happens in life can be a learning lesson. Something like this will make us stronger if we take away lessons from it.

Once you're busy, advertise like crazy. Just like before spring you don’t wanna advertise until we become busy. If it’s not in peoples brains in your area it doesn’t matter the discounts or deals you give them. Just like advertising a cheeseburger to a vegan it doesn’t matter the price if somebody just doesn’t want it. But as soon as you get a day or two in a row with crazy calls. Now you advertise. Spend all you can to get a big boost of jobs to fill the foreseeable future.

Higher now. When everything kicks back on, and from what we’ve seen, is that people are busier than they’ve ever been. Everybody seems to want their job done yesterday. So hiring now and while you can, is always a great idea. It’s hard to hire someone when you don’t have work but you’ll be thankful as soon as it happens. With all of this we’ve seen it comes back as fast as it went out. Get the new people ready before you need the.

And lastly, buckle up. I’ve heard more people saying this is their record-breaking year than ever before in history. When all of this is over not only are people going to have services done, but they are also going to be in the mood to help small business. Most of them also have gotten stimulus money that they would like to spend to help the economy. You are the economy. People will spend with you. Making sure that everything is lined up just like before spring is the most important thing.

I hope you are all working your tails off!

Be Epic ~Jersey

WCR Nation Podcast - Hosted by Jersey Josh WCR Nation Podcast - Hosted by Jersey Josh
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