When Everyone Was Going Right, I Decided To Go Left…

...and built a 7-Figure Storefront Empire!

And it all started by understanding 3 very simple steps…

Hi, it’s Jim DuBois with WindowWashingWealth.com. This article could be a game changer for your business. But before I go deep into this topic, let me say I appreciate your readership. And in appreciation, I have a FREE Window Cleaning 20 page Business Manual and 1 hour + Audio CD package for you that I just put together – Building A $1,000,000 Business. You can have it Free. Just go to my website (above), opt-in, and be sure to put your complete address in and I will mail the package to you within 48 hours. Be sure to keep an eye on your physical mailbox for a large white lumpy envelope.

Residential, Residential, Residential

Everyone talks residential, residential, residential and they shy away from storefronts – like they are afraid of it. Sure, I get it. Residential offers instant money, like a quick $250 or $300 today and maybe again tomorrow. Appealing, no doubt.

Residential work offers instant money

Here’s the real reason why they shy away from commercial. They hear through the grapevine and on the forums that there’s no money in it, it’s cut-throat, it doesn’t work, waste of gas, etc. Let them go on and on and continue to put the word out, because some of us in the commercial storefront business are quietly raking in millions in revenue. See, they just don’t know how to do it strategically and successfully.

Let’s quickly look at residential and compare it to commercial. The residential “cons” are:

  • Most jobs are only one time per year, so you must continually market to build a solid customer base.
  • Narrow work window based on climate and seasonality.
  • Difficult and physical work presents itself in one form or another.
  • Jobs far apart in the same day waste time and gas.
  • Particular and unreasonable customers at times.
  • More equipment to purchase and maintain.

Then there’s the…

The Marketing Dial

Yes, the ever-turning Marketing Dial. It needs to be turned up and turned down depending on several factors:

  • the season
  • the number of technicians you have
  • technician termination or 2 week notice
  • new hires
  • how fast you want to grow

When you start putting all of these pieces together it becomes a balancing act that has several moving parts that must work synergistically together to perform optimally.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love residential too. It has been very good to my business. Incredible staff, incredible technicians, and World Class Service for our customers that I am very proud of. As a result, we dominate Charlotte, NC and have more Angie’s List “A” rated reviews than anyone in the country under the category window cleaning. Yes I’m bragging because I am proud of that accomplishment. I just love commercial more!

So when I started my first window cleaning business at the Jersey Shore and then my second window cleaning business years later in NC, I decided to go a different route – commercial storefronts. While everyone was “zigging” right on residential, I decided to “zag” left on commercial storefronts and built a well-oiled machine that was:

  • not season dependent
  • is year around
  • has no marketing dial
  • and less moving parts
Why? Because I knew…

If I build it once, and I maintain it, I will get paid for life. This in turn can become permanent residual income.

Look at it this way: Sell one week’s worth of weekly window cleaning services and you are suddenly booked out for the year, every year if you abide by the commercial storefront success laws!

Storefront window cleaning

And this is precisely what we have done. No miracles, business was not given to me, just one account at a time using a specific set of strategies to build my success. Easily something you can do too if you see the value in it like I do. If so, reach out to me. Here’s what a couple of Window Washing Wealth Licensees have said about starting their storefront divisions from scratch:

"Hey, just wanted to let you know that I have sold $2,000 in storefronts this month while at the same time cleaning $3,600 worth of glass." "My first salesman has sold a total of $1,200/month of commercial route work - THIS WEEK, PART TIME! Unbelievable!" "I have $4,000 a month in re-occurring commercial work in 5 months!"

Last week, my sales manager for my commercial division sold $305.00 in storefront revenue for the month (just him). And this is not uncommon for him to do. But what this means is if he were to keep this pace up for one month he will sell $1,220.00 for the month. Add this consistent activity up over the course of a year and you now have a grand total of $14,640.00 for the month. That’s almost 3 Full Time routes in a year! See the power?

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Let the nay-sayers whine and complain all they want about commercial storefronts. I could care less. The more the merrier. They can put every excuse out there why storefronts don’t work. I beg to differ. That’s why when others loudly “zig”, I quietly “zag” laughing all the way to the bank.

Do the unexpected in business

Part of my “zag” includes a number of things I will do for my business but there are also a few things I simply will NOT do:

  1. I will NOT comply with industry “norms” when it comes to believing I have to conduct my business in any way, shape, or form according to what my industry peers say is “proper.” And neither should you! Be creative and blaze a trail.
  2. I will NOT do… competition. The entire idea that there’s anyone out there that even remotely corresponds to the services I provide is ludicrous – commercial or residential. I see competition as a one-way street. They compete with me. As they should you!

Number 1 you CAN control on your own. In fact, all you need to do right this moment is to decide that you will now embrace the very same principle.

Number 2 however, is a different animal that cannot happen simply overnight. It takes time and strategy.

When it comes to eliminating or raising the bar over competition, my sales methods have been finely honed over two decades to support commercial market domination. Anything goes as long as it is honest and ethical.

And here’s what overcoming competition boils down to in a single word: POWER.

Power in Strategy, Power in Thinking Differently

Since most people think it's hard and time consuming to build a commercial storefront window cleaning division, let me fill you in on a few secrets and give you a few tips.....

Secret #1: You can and should sell storefronts!

EVERY storefront you sell adds to your residual income. The key word is residual. Everything we sell is on a program – weekly, every other week, twice per month, monthly, etc.

Secret #2: You can pick up a handful of new accounts in less than 48 hours! And you are started just like that, just like me! Now, just keep going.

EVERY where you go learn to say an easy to remember sales phrase and you will almost always get new accounts - day or night. Learn to ‘blend’ in, listen, and find the decision maker. Once found, pitch with your sales phrase.

Secret #3: You do NOT need to be a salesperson-type to get storefront accounts. Just be yourself, smile, and have fun is the best way to go. Anyplace, anytime, anywhere.

EVERY time you add another account it means you just added more residual income and gave yourself another small raise. It just builds and builds on top of itself month after month. Imagine having 600 or 1,000 accounts in complete and on-going rotation month after month…

Secret #4: The smart window cleaning entrepreneur doesn’t think of himself doing a storefront route.

Ahh, and here-in lies what I see discussed on the forums. Most are trading time for money, going round and round on the hamster wheel. The smart entrepreneur window cleaner takes that hat off after getting started and hires people. In my Licensing or Business In a Box programs we teach window cleaners how to separate themselves from the day to day grind of washing windows and meticulously build a completely systemized operation consisting of storefronts and residential.

There is NO BETTER business in the world than becoming a business owner in the commercial storefront arena.  As one of my licensees stated:

“It Becomes A Year Around Safety Net!”

Create your own safety net So what are the 3 steps?
  1. Know exactly what to say when you walk in
  2. Know how to overcome any objection
  3. Know the rules of follow up

So, what are you waiting for? Start building. My storefront division is over 3,500 on-going accounts strong, but I started with one single account - a mattress store.

You can get the book from me here: WindowWashingWealth.com/modules

Just remember, a Commercial Window Cleaning Division can give you an on-going residual income for life if properly executed. 

Just because you zig, doesn’t mean you cannot zag! Til next time…

Jim DuBois is founder of Squeegee Pros, Inc. out of Mooresville, NC and is the creator of  WindowWashingWealth.com. Visit the site for a FREE MARKETING REPORT, BUSINESS BUILDING MANUAL, and AUDIO CD. Window Washing Wealth specializes in aggressive marketing tactics, systems implementation, and growth trajectory execution – all leading to market domination on auto-pilot. We are changing the way window cleaners do business. Email questions you’d like to see answered in this column directly to  jim@squeegeepros.com or call  704-799-0313.
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