Spring Has Sprung! Is Your Faucet of Profit Just Dripping, or Worse… Turned Off?

Hi. My name is Jim DuBois and I own Squeegee Pros, Inc. out of NC and am founder of WindowWashingWealth.com. We are pointing out the most common business building mistakes that window cleaners all over the world are making in their business building efforts. Not only will you discover major mistakes, but you will also learn how to avoid them or prevent them from occurring again within your business.

This isn’t just theory thrown at you. Using effective and specific marketing techniques will build you a thriving and very profitable company.

A couple of notes before continuing. One of the worst mistakes you can make as a window cleaning business owner is to be fooled into thinking that you are in the business of producing and delivering a window cleaning or pressure washing service. You need to do a great job, of course. But you're in the business of marketing your services. The faster you realize this, the faster the cash will flow in.

You may disagree, but the point I need to bring out is if you become an expert at window cleaning and don't do any marketing, you won't have a business worthy of some eyebrow raising. You'll be an "expert" with little to show for it. So, marketing is your business, not just part of your business in the backdrop.

Marketing Is Part of Your Business

This may require some different thinking than perhaps what you're used to, but if you think of yourself as the "owner" (marketer) of a window cleaning company instead of a "window cleaner" (technician), you'll soar over your competition. Most window cleaners whether commercial or residential are in survival mode because they don't understand the critical importance of marketing their business and marketing it regularly. Go here to get out of survival mode.

Some of you that may have attended one of my Window Washing Wealth convention classes may recall the following power point slide. It talks about the Marketing Dial. You must keep marketing to keep your guys working AND to keep your company growing. Especially when it comes to residential jobs. They are normally only done once or twice per year. It takes time to build to one or two thousand customers that you service each year that call you keeping your staff busy. Even then, in many cases, you need to still reach out to them and let them know their service is due and you are here to do it. So, the marketing never stops. The goal, as many of you have heard me say is, "be the obvious one to call". Makes sense, right?

Similarly, in commercial storefront work, you have to keep selling in order to keep growing, to add on new routes and technicians. But unlike residential marketing, commercial storefront marketing turns into residual on-going income as long as your technicians keep showing up, cleaning the store’s windows over and over again. Stay tuned to future Business Builder articles relating to our marketing arsenal for more in-depth, laser focused marketing methodology.

Focused Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Dial has another purpose too. It needs to be turned up and turned down depending on several factors which we will talk about including:

  • the season
  • the number of techs you have
  • was a technician let go or quit
  • new hires
  • how fast you want to grow

1. The Season

Residential is or can be seasonal. The revenue goes up and it goes down. Depending on your location in the country or when the spring season or warmer weather kicks in will dictate when the phones will aggressively start ringing and an abundance of incoming emails will flow. Typically for us and most of you, it starts at the end of March or the beginning of April for Spring Cleaning. This is the time to be staffed up with technicians and ready to do business. This is the busiest time of year and runs through July. These are in most cases your highest revenue months and most profitable too. Just like you, we are super busy with existing customers who want and need to get on our schedule. We are marketing to them primarily by email blasts reminding them to get on our calendar, and it fills up FAST, very fast. Our marketing dial is on (just like yours should be) but not on full blast until the end of the peak is HALF way here, then we crank it up. Did you catch that? HALF way here, meaning we are already anticipating and ready for the approaching slow season half way through the busy season. So, when the end of the busy season is looming (Spring or Fall) we are already marketing aggressively…

"When ramping up your marketing plan, don’t wait. Plan ahead, with your plan already in place by the end of the spring season. Typically, by June we are already ramped up in anticipation of the traditionally slower August and September months. This is how all of our residential technicians stay booked out an average of 2 or more weeks in the looming slow time."

Things slow down increasingly in August and September. Families are on vacation, school is starting, and money can be tight. Fortunately, the marketing dial is already turned up. You want to keep the work coming in, keeping your technicians busy and the revenue coming in.

The fall kicks off our second busiest season. Starting in October and increasing in November and continuing right to the Christmas holiday and in our case to the last day of December. Our marketing dial is on at about mid flow (depending on the bullet points above). The calls and emails are coming in and our techs are busy for the ensuing holiday rush. Again, staying ahead of the marketing curve the dial gets cranked up at half peak season to carry us through the winter. During this time, we initiate aggressive campaigns to start filling out our January and February calendars.

Early Marketing Efforts

Then comes winter, more notably, January and February. If you are anywhere in the south where the weather is more mild, your teams will be able to work, enough to keep them busy enough right up until spring. We are in Charlotte, NC so the temperatures can be in the 20’s one day and in the 60’s the next day. We keep our crews going week after week the best we can. There pay is not always what it is in the height of busy the season, but it is enough to sustain them in most cases. During this time, we aggressively push vacation time for them. Those technicians not on their A-Game are let go. If needed, we criss-cross them into our commercial division so we keep them busy and on our team in anticipation of spring where we put them right back into residential.

Keep Busy in all seasons

2. Number of Technicians – Terminated / New Hires

Your marketing dial will go up and go down based on the number of technicians you have and the amount of work you have coming in. As an employer, you will have employee turnover. You may have a lot or you may have very little. If you have a lot, call my office today at 704-799-0313 or email me directly at jim@squeegeepros.com for a…

FREE Report entitled,

"The Hard-Learned Secrets to Limiting Turnover and Keeping Good Help."

The goal of course is to put the right people in the right seats on your ‘bus’. Hire hard to hire right. The better your interviewing skills become, the less turnover you will have. Getting and keeping good help is a whole subject in itself. Would you agree? The point I’m trying to make is there will be times where you have a team of one or a team of two who unexpectedly quit on you. This impacts the scheduling calendar. The above tip says keep the calendar "booked out line" at 2 weeks. If two techs quit on you this may push out your calendars to 3 or 4 weeks. Then the marketing dial gets turned down and maybe off until you replace those techs, always keeping your eye on the 2-week line. This makes for a great balance indicator.

Advertising Calendar

Conversely, if your calendars are booked out more than two weeks perhaps getting into weeks 3 and 4, then it is time to either turn your marketing dial down or hire and therefore grow! My company is going through this right now. As of this writing we are 4 weeks out and breaking records. The point is, by having an arsenal of marketing strategies in your back pocket and knowing how and when to adjust the ‘faucet’ will allow you to keep your residential division in balance for steady growth.

The opposite is also true. You may have over-hired in April in anticipation of a very busy season. And as a result, you may have 2, 3, or even 4 more technicians than needed when the dog days of summer approach. Perhaps all are golden employees and love their jobs and they don’t want to lose them. In this case, the dial gets turned up… and turned up high, in fact it may need to be turned on at full blast to get and keep all technicians at the 2-week booked out mark. And this is a good thing. This calls for growth, our next topic.

3. Division Growth

Assuming you have both residential and commercial divisions, the following will hold true. If you have only one of the preceding, you should consider both. Your commercial marketing dial even though it is ‘smaller’ than a residential dial should be on consistently throughout the year, continuously adding more and more accounts to add one or two full time routes and technicians per year. Your residential marketing dial however, should be trending up year after year. Meaning, you are adding technicians because more repeat customers are calling and you are implementing more and more marketing strategies.

Advertising Strategies

Annual division growth is what you are after. You have goals written down with revenue targets, right? And you have technician count targets you’d like to have, right? You should have your focus on your goals and targets… constantly. You do have each division’s goals written down, don’t you? If you attended one of my convention marketing classes, you may recall my first three years? Each year had a goal and an objective. Your goals take you where you want to go.

To grow a commercial and/or residential division each into million-dollar plus divisions, marketing is paramount and a marketing balance is just as important, hence the Marketing Dial.

Marketing Dial +/- = +/- Marketing Arsenal (both work in conjunction with each other)

Residential: Keep turning the dial up more and more as you balance the number of technicians on staff, always watching the ‘two-week booked out’ mark. And as time goes by, your residential division will grow and grow. How do you and your team do this?

Market more when you are busy because things will get slow after. Stay ahead of the curve. Residential will be busy certain seasons of the year. But there are slow seasons around the corner and if you turn the dial up in anticipation of, it will help you to have steady workflow through most of the year.

Commercial: Simple. Set a goal of how many new accounts to pick up each month or set a goal of the dollar amount to be picked up, and just do it. Your goal may be to add one new route per year. Over 10 years, you will have a substantial and significant division. We are nearing 4,000 commercial storefonts! Keep the commercial marketing dial on, turned up or turned down at whatever pace you choose.

The point to this month’s article is to engage your Faucet of Profit. If you don’t have one, you better buy one and hook it up. Then keep it on and flowing, turning it up and down as needed. Just make sure you have a very large faucet to adjust – you may need it - as you continue pulling ‘weapons’ out of your marketing arsenal to add more customers.

Jim DuBois is founder of Squeegee Pros, Inc. out of Mooresville, NC. He is the creator of WindowWashingWealth.com, which specializes in aggressive marketing tactics, the importance of internal company systems, and how to dominate your window cleaning marketplace. All things a serial window cleaning entrepreneur should know to build a huge business. Visit the site for a free marketing report. Feel free to send any questions or comments to jim@squeegeepros.com .
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