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A lot of people think the IWCA is all about safety, safety, safety or is it just about high rise.... well that is not exactly true. Yes, the IWCA cares about safety and would like everyone to attend safety classes and get certified. But who would not? Every window cleaner’s life matters. Some seem to think well I have only two people, safety and OHSA doesn’t apply to me. It does. OSHA applies to everyone no matter your size, commercial or residential, or ground level vs high rise. IWCA helps with all the OSHA laws and regulations. The IWCA offers training from ground level commercial, residential ladders, lifts for mid-rise, and high-rise training. As a business owner, we cannot know everything or do everything ourselves so why not get help from people that know it inside and out? This helps in two ways it could help you gain and retain employees plus being certified will help your customers choose your business.

The IWCA is more than just safety. The IWCA truly cares about each of their members and continues to improve the benefits each member receives. The IWCA has relationships with a lot of vendors and other companies in the industry. 

Once you are a member of the IWCA you can have a mentor, get discounts on equipment, get access to Business 101, and of course the glass research.

Business 101 gives you access to policies and procedures that you need to make your business successful. Along with our partnership with QuickBooks and TSheets, you will have access to a rather large discount that includes support when you need it. 

I remember when I attended my first convention. We were in business for 15 years and I went to my first class about employee policies. The instructor said do you have company trucks, and do you have a driver’s agreement? How about a social media policy? Do you post your employees or customers on social media? There has to be a policy. Employees need guidance of what you expect as a business owner and it is your job as an owner to protect the business. After the convention, I went back to my office and put all the new policies into place. After 15 years you would think we knew everything. I was wrong. Those two policies have saved our company thousands of dollars. I thanked that instructor and we are still friends today. As a member you can find these policies and more at

The network of people you surround yourself with will only make you and your business stronger. Going to the convention and gathering with like-minded people is priceless. I spoke to a new member and he was also new in business as he didn’t really have a customer, just a name and he was attending his first convention last year and I will never forget his words, “After picking the brains of the most successful people in the industry, this is real. I can build a business.” We want to help you. We want to share ideas and better the industry. I personally still speak to him today. He is friend for life. 

I have heard some say the IWCA is so expensive. You cannot put a price on the success of your business. The IWCA has made changes to give you more value for your membership and it is only going to get better. You spoke and we have listened. You can now join the IWCA as a first-time member for $199. All of this for $199. That is an amazing deal. The discount you can receive on your QuickBooks will pay for one-year membership.

Do you want to make a change in the industry and help others? Join the board of directors or a committee as we would love to have you.

By the way, I am Christina Burgin and I am on the board of IWCA and the President of Squeegee Pros, Inc in North Carolina. I want to encourage all of you to join us to help make a change in the future of the window cleaning industry because every window cleaner does matter. Please reach out to me or any other board member as we will be glad to help you.

Hope to see you in Savannah, GA for the IWCA Convention 2020.

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