Kiril Topalov

Skyscraper window cleaner
This Issue we talk to Kiril Topalov from Seattle Washington, he owns Skyscraper Window Cleaning.

AWC- Your From Eastern Europe right?

Kiril- Yes, and more specifically, I’m from Bulgaria.

AWC- What type of work and training did you receive while you were there?

AWC Interview

Kiril- I have done variety of things that require rope access - building envelop inspections and repair, billboard installation, wind turbine maintenance. This all started at the age of 16.  I was interested in learning about rope access (hanging on ropes ). One day I spent a few hours watching thru my dad’s binoculars a guy working on the building next door. I learned a lot from that moment and thought it was very fascinating. I went out and bought my own equipment. With a couple of pointers from a person with previous experience I began hanging on the side of the building I lived in (9 stories high). Never really had any real training.

AWC- What year did you come to the US and why Seattle?

Kiril- I came to the US in 2012. I had friends living in Seattle, there might have been a girl involved...

Business in Seattle
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AWC- so you came for the whiskey and stayed for the girl, LOL! What type of work do you do today?

Kiril- I do window cleaning, pressure washing, soft washing, gutter cleaning.

Multi-Service Business

AWC- You recently purchased a High-Rise Machine.  Why?  What is your vision?

Kiril- I’m a huge believer of innovation. When I saw the High-Rise Machine, I was really excited and I recognized the benefits that it provides. My vision is simple: Advancing window cleaning by using new technology.

AWC- Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Kiril- I see my business as the leading window cleaning company in the Greater Seattle area.

AWC- Kiril, what do you like to do for fun? 

Kiril- Spend time with my family, dirt biking, hunting.

AWC- Thanks for sitting down with us you truly are A Most Interesting Person!

A most interesting person
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