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AWC TV Interview

AWC- What is your coverage area?

This month we sat down with Josh Thompson with Thompson Touch Window Cleaning. His company is in NJ/NY and he is a real go getter. Be sure to tune into AWC TV to watch our interview with Josh. Enjoy...

North Jersey Central Jersey and New York City.

AWC-How do you stay busy in the winter months?

We have 6 storefront crews, that run all year long, in addition to that we do a lot of post construction window cleaning.

New Building Cleaning
AWC- How many employees do you have?

Depending on the time of year we have 15-25 employees

How long have you been cleaning windows?

15 years.

AWC-When did you hire your first employee?

My first week in business sometime in March 2010 I hired my first employee...

AWC-What services do you offer?

Window Cleaning- which includes everything from storefronts to high-rise, Power Washing, Window Film, Roof Anchor Installs, Post Construction Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning.

AWC- WOW! You have all the bases covered there. What has been your biggest struggle keeping your business going?

Building a solid leadership and management team has proven to be the hardest challenge, in building my business. There are no bad teams only bad leaders. We look for guys that demonstrate good positive attitude’s, pre-existing leadership skills and the eagerness to win.

AWC- How have your goals changed from your first year in business to this year 2018?

They have changed immensely. My first year in business back in 2010, I wanted to be the biggest window cleaner in Jersey. Fast forward to 2018, I want to be the biggest window cleaner in New York City and I have expanded into the high rise, film, and even anchor business to try and do so.

AWC- What are your Hobbies?

When I’m not working on building my business, I enjoy going out with friends, playing some golf, try to catch a workout when I can and I’m always listening to an audio book... I’m also a family man these days. My beautiful wife Krystal and my 2 year-old daughter Madison keep me busy.

AWC- Best Wishes to you Josh and I hope you accomplish your goals!
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