Jason York

Written by Michael Draper

This edition of AWC magazine we sat down with Jason York Co-Owner of EZ Window Cleaning based in Wisconsin. In addition, to being the co-owner he also is the 2017 IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association) President. Only 28 people have ascended the ranks to President of the IWCA and it is arguably the highest achievement a person in our industry can achieve. What makes Jason an interesting person is his incredible drive to make the industry better and that he doesn’t come from a high-rise background.

Jason York a Most Interesting Person

AWC- Jason tell us about your business EZ Window Cleaning.

Jason- Well it was started in 1999 by my partner Michael Cornish as a single man operation. I joined him as a partner in 2002. We service the southeastern part of Wisconsin. We have 12 vehicles and primarily focus our business around residential and light commercial.

AWC- So your cruising along in your business, when did you first attend an IWCA event?

Jason- I attended my first convention in Reno Nevada in 2010.

AWC- When did you decide that you were going to try and get on the Board?

Jason- I got active that very meeting. Many were encouraging me to get involved and I did. I really appreciated the fact that little ole me from Wisconsin could be a part of something bigger.

AWC- So you started in 2010 on the BOD?

Jason- I came on the BOD in 2011. I spent 3 years on the BOD before going on the Sec/Tres position for one year, Vice President for one year and then acting as President this year. Time flies when you are having fun.

AWC- That’s a nice run and the compensation is very nice as well?

Jason- (Laughs) the compensation is the great feeling you have helping the industry but other than that I like the others are volunteers. I see it as my expensive industry hobby. Most quality educational experiences aren’t cheap.

AWC- You see what I appreciate is that you took 7 years while running your business and gave back to the industry. Well Done!

Jason- My partner certainly helped with that but yes even though I was spending this time with the IWCA our business continued to grow. My business partner, wife, and all my family at home and work have supported me all the way through.

AWC- So when did you decide that you would try and climb the ranks to President?

Jason- Year one. I was encouraged by many to ascend. I don’t naturally like the spotlight but by the encouragement of so many I went for it.

AWC- What is your greatest pride while working with the IWCA.

Jason- Well there’s a few. Mostly centered around raising the standards & professionalism with our industry through education…Campus IWCA, the OSHA Alliance field guide, and making our education materials available in Spanish.

Wisconsin Window Cleaner

AWC- You will have another year after this convention in 2018 in Kissimmee FL as Outgoing President. What do you look forward to trying to achieve?

Jason- Formalizing the training requirements that every window cleaner will need to work in the field more safely and bring that awareness to more window cleaners on their training requirements in accordance to OSHA standards. We are also working at creating a world-wide speed cleaning series that will culminate in a world championship that will be held at our annual convention every year.

AWC- Jason you’re a cool dude. Not that many Presidents of the IWCA come from the residential/light commercial world of window cleaning. You did this all while running a business and being a husband and father. The reasons you did it was to help the industry achieve a level of professionalism, promoting core values, and to educate others. This truly makes you A Most Interesting Person! Thanks for sitting down with me and will you come on AWCTV and do an interview?

Jason- Thank you Mike, my pleasure and absolutely on AWCTV!

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