Gabriel Gutierrez

Intersting Life Experience - Gabriel Gutierrez Written by Michael Draper

In this edition we go to the hot state of Arizona and interivew small business owner and fellow window cleaner Gabe Gutierrez. He has been at it a long time and we think he is A Most Interesting Person.

Pole Work Cleaning Windows AWC- Where is your business located?

Gabriel Tucson, AZ.

AWC- How long have you been cleaning windows?    

Gabriel 20 years.

AWC- How many employees do you have?    

Gabriel Currently 7.

AWC- What type of work do you do?    

Gabriel Window, screen, and solar panel cleaning. We also do hard water stain and scratch removal. 

AWC- What got you into window cleaning in the first place?    

Gabriel We had a friend who owned a window cleaning company and would use me occasionally for non-skilled help. I was working as a bank teller at the time and he offered to sell me some of his commercial accounts that he was tired of doing. Later I learned that "tired of doing" was code for "accounts that don't pay much". After a whole 3 hours of training and a really cool video they put together for me (They dressed up in costumes and had funny skits!), I was a business owner and window cleaner. At least in name. I'd say I wasn't really confident with a squeegee in my hand until about 6 months into it.

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Business Window Cleaning AWC- What do you find challenging about running your business?    

Gabriel Finding balance. If you are not careful, you can get sucked into having all of your thoughts and energy directed toward your business.  I prefer to have my business work for me, rather than I work for it. I want to make sure I have time for my family, my health, and my spirituality. The only way to achieve that balance is to view your time away from your business as a commodity worth investing in. If you are willing to make that investment, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that plague businesses and ensure you will always enjoy your business rather than feeling chained to it.

AWC- What is the biggest reward you have running your business?     

Gabriel The community, both with my customers and fellow window cleaners. It is the coolest experience to see others, who have no viable stake in your success, go out of their way to help you and root for you. I am constantly amazed and appreciative of it.

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